About us

IHPCI is a group of specialists in high-performance computing. We have experience with development of software for simulation of complex phenomena in physics and computer science. We know how to optimize software for multicore CPUs, modern GPUs but also on distributed clusters. We also have experience with some of the world largest supercomputers listed in Top 10. We would like to offer the experience in HPC we obtained in academic research to all developers of computationally intensive software.

Our mission

If your application runs too slowly for your needs, smart code optimization might be what you need. Modern hardware is, however, very complex and one need deep knowledge of the hardware design to get efficient code. We can profile and test your application to find critical components. In the next step, we may try to accelerate these components by:

  • – optimizing memory access patterns
  • – optimizing cache utilization
  • – parallelize the code to run on multicore systems or GPU s
  • – parallelize the code for distributed clusters

Our results


As a result, some critical parts can run up to several times faster. It means that:

  • – users may get faster response
  • – complex computations may run several hours faster
  • – you may reduce energy consumptions of your severs
  • – you may avoid investment to new hardware


IHPCI.org, z.s., Thákurova 2700/9, 160 00 Prague, Czech Republic